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  Past WO/PO for last 3 Years from Customer Work Completion Certificates for last 3 years
  Company Profile & List of Equipment owned & Details of Manpower Employed
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  Balance, P&L sheet for last 2 years    
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The Chowgule Group was established in 1916 – starting off as traders of various commodities between India and the Middle East. The real opportunity for growth and diversification came in 1951, with the establishment of western India’s first mechanized mining operations. This operation paved the way for vertical and horizontal diversification and business expansion in various engineering and social sectors.

Sunil Bhasme
Head Business Development
Lavgan Dockyard Pvt. Ltd.
Bakhtawar, 4th Floor,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400021.
Board: +91 22 6620 2500

Lavgan Dockyard Pvt. Ltd.
Site: Sande Lavgan,
Po: Jaigad, Tal & Dist-Ratnagiri.

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