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Lavgan Dockyard Pvt. Ltd. has been equipped with 6 dry repair berths, 250m wet repair berthage, a ship lift system, ship and module transfer mechanism, workshops and modern material handling equipments. The infrastructure and location enables the yard to lift ships at any state of tide and at any time of the year – thus providing true 365 day and 24 hour repair facilities.





Ship Lift System

The infrastructure at Lavgan Dockyard centers around a Lloyd’s certified Ship Lift System.

  • Manufactured by Rolls Royce (Naval Marine Synchrolift type)
  • Table dimensions 116m length x 26m breadth
  • Capacity to carry ships of up to 140m LOA
  • Lift capacity 7655 tons
  • Maximum draft 6.5m

Ship and Module Transfer System

Once the vessels are lifted, the Ship and Module Transfer System comes into play.

  • Fluid bed hydraulic lift system
  • Supplied by IMG
  • Total lift capacity of 10,000 tons
  • Load levelling enabled technology
  • Serves all 6 dry repair berths and the ship lift


With the Berthage capacities, the facility has the capability to repair up to 9 ships at a single point of time, as well as rigs.

  • 6 dry repair berths of each 150m length
  • 260m wet repair berth with draft of up to 6.5m
  • Wet repair berth capable of handling rigs

Workshops and Facilities

Modern Workshops and Ancillary Facilities are provided to complete the total turnkey repair operations for all types of ships and rigs Lavgan Dockyard receives.

  • Steel: 1800 square meters fully equipped workshop with overhead cranes for major steel repairs, replacement projects and fabrications.
  • Pipefitting: Dedicated section for ballast and cargo pipe repairs and replacements.
  • Engineering: 1534 square meters workshop with overhead cranes for activities related to main engine, auxiliary engine and thruster overhauls.
  • Electrical: 450 square meters workshop for electric motor repairs and rewinding, electrical panel repairs and other electrical work.
  • Painting and Blasting: 900 square meters shop to carry out both external and internal blasting and coating work.
  • Carpentry, Rigging and Outfitting: 600 square meters workshop for ship related activities such as joinery and rigging.
  • Sewage treatment facilities and environmentally friendly waste disposal systems.
  • Others: Administration office, Customer and Classification offices, First Aid and Emergency Vehicles, Amenities Building including Canteen, Stores.

Material Handling Equipments

The Cranes and Material Handling Equipments enable a quick material delivery in the yard premises.

  • 40 ton Rail Mounted Level Luffing Cranes at the wet repair berth
  • 200 ton-meter Travelling Tower Cranes x 4 numbers to cover the 6 dry repair berths
  • Truck cranes of capacities 40 tons to 100 tons
  • Truck mounted cranes of capacites 12 ton-meter to 17 ton-meter
  • Aerial access platforms of working heights 18m to 30m
  • Additional Cranes: 64 ton Mobile Harbour Crane at adjacent cargo terminal jetty
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Lavgan Dockyard Pvt. Ltd.
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